Sunday, 22 November 2009

Trying my hand at transfers and clay

As the heading says, I've been trying my hand at transfering photos and pictures onto polymer clay.
After failing to find the right kind of photo paper that will transfer onto clay, I tried t-shirt transfers with mixed results.

I found the transfer paper bubbled slightly when I first transfered the image. I then glazed the image with a layer of kato liquid clay.

Sometimes this helped cover the bubbles and sometimes this emphasised them, as you can see in the japanese scenic image.

My next attempt was a thicker layer of kato, which as you can see (Japanese lady image) has helped, but its still a bit iffy.

I used a really thick layer of Kato liquid and this seems to have done the trick (photos of dogs). Looks pretty good to me and wasn't a great photo in the first place! I have turned these transfers into things to hang on the tree at Christmas - stocking stuffers!!
Sorry, this is a bit all over the place, the formatting on the blog does not seem to be working for me tonight!

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  1. I rest my case, this didn't look like this when I published it!


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