Friday, 29 January 2010

First necklace with McCaw cane

The title says it all. The photo's don't quite capture the visual effects that the cane tiles create.

The colours on the left hand side of the photo are more accurate than the middle, as the flash has paled these out somewhat.

This is the back of the necklace which is made from scrap bits of cane.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Creations from Sandra's workshop

Here are some of the things I created in the Sandra McCaw workshop...
My canes. There are the original McCaws and 2 variations which I like to call the half McCaw and the second McCaw.

OK, so I didn't make these. These are Sandra's flawless creations. You can find out more about Sandra's work at

I can take credit for making this one though!

Some of the students swapped slices of their canes.
Can you spot the real McCaw??

Sandra McCaw's Workshop

I attended the Sandra McCaw workshop in Kimberly, Nottingham at the weekend. I had such a fun time, learnt alot and hung out with loads of great clayers. Sandra is a very patient teacher too!

You can learn about Sandra on:

This is FloRaeMe's work space.

Another student creating.

Sandra teaching us how to do her flower broach.

The clayaround shop was there for clay supplies.

The clay group.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Too cute not to post them!

Some charm bracelets which I thought were too cute not to post! I like the pink cupcakes with sugar sprinkles.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cupcake pendant

My first applique pendant - with cupcakes of course! The back of the pendant is below made from the scrap clay from the cupcake cane.

The finished pendant - looks good enough to eat!

Using the precise-a-slice

I've been trying out my new precise a slice and I was actually quite shocked that it isn't really easy to use. You can cut canes vertically or diagonally but as you slice, you hold your blade at an angle to the guiding bars. Instructions say to practice finding your perfect angle and I suppose I am still finding mine!

As you can see, I'm still getting wedges!
The finished slices don't look too bad though.
And these look pretty good.

As they say, practice makes perfect. I will practice more!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Ready for Sandra McCaw

I'm all ready for the Sandra McCaw workshop at the weekend.

I've mixed my colours and I think I know why people get motors for their pasta machines - I am sooo tired and my back is really sore!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

My first cane design!

I've finally had some time to do some playing lately and I've designed my very first cane.
Its a CUPCAKE of course. I love cupcakes but can't eat wheat, eggs or milk so I have to find other ways to enjoy them.
I'm pretty pleased with the result, although next time I will add more translucent border.

And now I can play with my precise a slice.

Here we go - 4 precisely sliced canes.