Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Using the precise-a-slice

I've been trying out my new precise a slice and I was actually quite shocked that it isn't really easy to use. You can cut canes vertically or diagonally but as you slice, you hold your blade at an angle to the guiding bars. Instructions say to practice finding your perfect angle and I suppose I am still finding mine!

As you can see, I'm still getting wedges!
The finished slices don't look too bad though.
And these look pretty good.

As they say, practice makes perfect. I will practice more!


  1. Thank you for photos, Jo! The slices look perfect! I want precise-a-slice now :)))

  2. Thanks for the review. My slices are always smushed on the edge. I think a new blade is in order.

  3. That's so cool. I don't even have an ordinary blade so my canes go all squashed.

  4. I should try using it the other way with the guiding bars facing me, to see if it's any easier.
    Jayne Claire have you checked out the Polymer Play Days blog? You can find details of the 3 day polymer event in June which takes place in Ilkeston.

  5. Hi Jo! Great getting reacquainted at Sandra McCaw’s class this weekend. I got home around 19:30 and was going to put my photos on my blog but was side track because Larkrise to Candleford was on at 20:00! My and my girls are huge historical drama fans.
    I had wanted to get this tool, where did you order it from? In the US I think it was priced at $50, which I thought was too much money to spend on something I hadn't heard any reviews on. My slices are always varying thicknesses. I'll have to come back to you in a few months and see if it gets easier.


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