Monday, 8 February 2010

How 'bout Them apples

Had a bash at the red apple beads from the Polymer Clay Cookbook by Jessica and Susan Partain et viola les resultats! The best and most accurate picture is the first, showing just the earrings.

I especially like that my crimson clay did something funky* and added a slight red mica to the apples, I think this really adds something to them.
*Funky means groovy here in the UK not stinky as in the USA!!

Below are pics of the necklace and earrings, from straight on, slightly looking down and then slightly looking up.
Well I say below, but who knows? My posts never turn out the way they look in the preview bit.


  1. And it would be desirable to eat!:)

  2. The shape is perfect! So much shine!

  3. Thanks both of you! Now if only I could work on that photography...


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