Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Another kitchen pic

Kitchen is almost finished. I am sooooo looking forward to it being done so that I can get back to eating properly, creating and posting things other than pics of the kitchen!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mokume bits

Simple mokume gane pendants.

on organza

and beadweaved using netting stitch

Kitchen moving along

The kitchen is moving along... i'll be able to get the rest of the house back and hopefully get to create again soon.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Marie Segal tagged me - Here's Millie

I didn't create this little beauty from clay!! Marie Segal tagged me:



I have to open the first file in my picture folder.
Scroll to the 10th photo
Post the photo and tell the story behind it Link to the person that tagged you.
Tag five more peopleand let them know.

Millie is my sister's dog. Here she is hiding under the bed at my parent's house looking very guilty because she shouldn't be there! Isn't she super cute?? Millie just had an operation to remove a tumour from her leg so is feeling a little under the weather at the moment. Get well soon Millie!

So here are my tags:

Zuleykha's beautiful clay: http://zuclay.blogspot.com/

Amy's awesome designs: http://amybeedesigns.blogspot.com

Jema's funky steampunk: http://sparklyjem.blogspot.com

Kristina's super crafty crafting: http://mlinnakitin.blogspot.com

JayneClaire's dreamy designs: http://dreamingofadesign.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Using up old canes

A way of using up canes - make fun beads like these!

I have many canes that look a bit rubbish or I have too much of. So this is what I do to use them up...

I start with a layer of scrap clay and add slices of canes at random. Here I have used the rubbish ones on the bottom. The apple ones have alot of background so its important to add these to the bottom so that other canes can be layered on top.

I just keep adding more cane slices...

... until I come up with something I like. This means using the better canes on top, so that you see more of them!

I then roll the top of the piece so that it's nice and flat
and cut shapes out of the piece to make into beads and pendants.

A mixture of pillow hearts and round beads

Triangular pendant wrapped with blue wire

Wrapped with pink wire

Hung at different lengths on a chain

I still have more canes to use up though!!

Friday, 12 March 2010

All kitchen no clay

I'm having a kitchen extension done at the moment and with all the dirt and dust flying around, I daren't do any clay :(
It is very exciting though and will be great when its finished - so much more room. This is the current state of it!
And I will now get a lovely kitchen view out of the back.

I've been putting up with this view of a brick wall for the past five years!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Trial and error - cupcake focal

Using a cupcake focal bead made from my cupcake cane,:

(some shameless self promo there!!)

I created this spiral rope necklace. I love the focal bead, the fringing and the spiral rope chain...

Unfortunately I do not love the beaded toggle

It takes alot away from the focal bead but I didn't know this would be the case until I made the necklace. Trial and error. I am going to try replacing the toggle with a smaller beaded bead - there shouldn't be too much unpicking to do. Hopefully this will look alot better or I will just have to start again!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Having a clear out

Nothing better do to than have a clear out of the jewellery box, particularly when I find gems such as these that I had forgotten about. I won't be getting rid of them.
My first brick stitch...

The pictures don't reflect the beauty of the swarovski

My first piece of chain maille...