Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Using up old canes

A way of using up canes - make fun beads like these!

I have many canes that look a bit rubbish or I have too much of. So this is what I do to use them up...

I start with a layer of scrap clay and add slices of canes at random. Here I have used the rubbish ones on the bottom. The apple ones have alot of background so its important to add these to the bottom so that other canes can be layered on top.

I just keep adding more cane slices...

... until I come up with something I like. This means using the better canes on top, so that you see more of them!

I then roll the top of the piece so that it's nice and flat
and cut shapes out of the piece to make into beads and pendants.

A mixture of pillow hearts and round beads

Triangular pendant wrapped with blue wire

Wrapped with pink wire

Hung at different lengths on a chain

I still have more canes to use up though!!


  1. My favourite is the round beaded bracelet - it's just fun.

  2. They are so funky! Great idea.

  3. I really like the triangle pendant, it would also look great turn upside down. My humble opinion of course.
    Hey Jo, how are you doing girl?
    Spring springing over there?
    Segalpunk??? Is that something a bird does??
    JK, I like it!
    Love and hugs.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Marie I shall try the upside down triangle - I have a lot of canes still that I need to use up. Yes spring is finally here we are now having days of 15 and nights of 8 (59 & 46 to you!) with the odd bit of light rain so it's lovely.

  5. Happy Spring Jo, it is getting pretty warm then, must be so nice!
    You have been tagged!!!


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