Monday, 12 April 2010

The Diva strikes again...

Oh boy, I am such a Diva! I have just spent the past few days trying to take the best new kitchen shots I could, and none were good enough... these will have to do!

Firstly, I should explain my obsession with getting a new kitchen. I had been putting up with this teeny, tiny and mismatched one for over 5 years now. The door on the right opened inwards which took even more space out of the room.

The next photo shows the same angle but with the kitchen extended, a new door and window that overlooks the garden and with new units (cupboards etc).

The photo doesn't do it justice!

The cats really like the new kitchen with its easy access to the garden. That's Shadow heading out for a stroll.

More direct garden view

I now have bookshelves for my cookbooks!!

For anyone who is vegan and/or suffering from a gluten intollerance, I fully recommend the Flying Apron's Gluten Free and Vegan Baking book which is the one on the bottom left. Absolutely delish baking recipes!

More bookshelves but also the first new wall casualty when I tried to tap in a nail to hang something. D'oh!

A bigger view of those units.

View from the garden.

Shadow is doing "coy" there peeping out from the units on the left.

And the best part....

my clay oven has a home. Hurrah!


  1. Can anyone explain why I have such ridiculous big gaps between my photos?? In the preview there is 1 line between the photos but it just doesn't publish like that.

  2. OK so I go and edit my post and I have managed to reduce some of the gaps but they are still there. Hey ho.

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  4. Jo I am so jealous, your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!! Wonderful.
    I have lived in a mismatched kitchen for 30 years. We call it a one butt kitchen, only one butt fits in there.
    Seriously though, what a beautiful view and light you have now. I bet you are so excited. I am very very happy for you.
    Love and hugs.

  5. Jo

    Looks great - I am soooooooo jealous! I have been trying to plan my kitchen for months now and I am still no nearer! See you Monday?


  6. Thanks guys! I really love it, it was totally worth the disruption of living through the building works for a couple of months. Yes I'll see you Monday Kim.


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