Sunday, 6 June 2010

FloSquiggleMe Jewellery

Some simple (but effective if I do say so myself) FloSquiggleMe jewellery.



  1. These are beautiful Jo, and they are so round and even! How do you do it? I still can't get a perfect sphere shape, I guess I need to practice more. I just saw your cute turtle from a May posting. Can I use that design for my kids' craft club on Tuesday? Thanks, Amy

  2. Thanks Amy.I'm glad you like them because I have made these beads for the swap next week. I really don't know how I do round beads - I suppose I have picked up some subconscious skills over the years! Yes by all means use the turtle, just said any praise for the design my way!!

  3. I mean "send" any praise for the design my way!


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