Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sanding or not?

I've never really sanded clay before, mainly because I never have the time so I just varnish. All my poly pals sand though, so I thought I would see what all the fuss is about.

 2 tiger eye cabochons. The one on the right is sanded and then both are glossed. I can really see the difference - the sanded cab has much more depth and lustre to it.

More sanded and glossed beads.
Sanded but not glossed. This gives the beads a real matt quality.

Not sanded, just glossed with a satin glaze. Not as nice!

Sanded and then glazed with tls - what a mess. I need to sand again now. Clearly the tls behaves differently to the liquid Kato.  


  1. I'm still mentally in the middle of my to sand or not to sand debate. But this post really shows the difference. I guess I'll have to sand .. maybe.

  2. I know. I thought it such a faff before but now I can see that it really adds something.

  3. I like to sand some of my pieces, especially some bracelets and pendants because I like the satin feel of PC against my skin. But some designs just don't go well with sanding.

  4. Thanks Maja. I'll probably discover those that don't go well with sanding at some stage! Jo


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