Friday, 26 November 2010

Tool handles

I've finally finished making tool handles for all my drill bits :) These did come with a pin vise, but when using it my drill bits would quickly disappear down the centre of the vise. So, it seemed an obvious answer to bake permanent handles for my tools. I firstly baked really tiny handles which were quite inadequate, so I extended these and then covered them. I was able to use up a few older canes too. 

My tools are finished, I am happy but I think I still need a few tips from Surfingcat on how to make beautiful handles! 


Thursday, 25 November 2010

I couldn't resist - cinnamon buns

I just couldn't resist making these sweet cinnamon bun earrings. A completely new project but I just wanted to make them up so that I could wear them and I've been doing that all week :)

They are from the Polymer Cookbook by Jessica and Susan Partain.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lindly Haunani Class

As part of Polymer Play Days in June (yes it is that long since I've had this one going!) we got a wonderful tutorial from Lindly Haunani on colour methods in clay. Here are some of the pieces I made at the class and later from the lessons learned in class.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Rainbow Chrysanthemum cane

Another outstanding project complete! At the Polymer PlayDays 2010, Alison Gallant showed us the rainbow chrysanthemum cane. This I made back in June.
I also made some pendants with the cane slices but they sat in my to do box for ages! Here are the finished pieces.
The double flower pendant
Chrysanth-cup pendant. I was hoping put this on some faux suede but I made my bail too small.
More fandango earrings
The cane slices also make beautiful beads. I used them in a beaded anklet. I believe this is a form of netting stitch.

Fandango Earrings

Another project which has been sitting in the "to do" box for a while. 
Finally finished (and why it took so long I don't know...).
Voici my Fandango Earrings

The method used to make the ruffles is that of Natalia Garcia de Leaniz and you can check our her work at:

And from other angles because they are soooo faboo!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Green and yellow scraps

This one is an outstanding project that I have now finished. 

I made the pattern from scrap green and yellow clay to create pillow beads for a bracelet and necklace and 3 flat patterned beads for a necklace.

The following pieces were made using a mixed bead set that I bought in my "new to jewellery making" days from Michaels, USA. Waste not want not right?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas Pud-Wahs

So I said to myself I should finish some of my unfinished projects (oh there are many, many) - before starting any new ones. So what happened?? - I started a new one! 

I really should listen to myself because this one did not go well. That's probably down to too much clutter in my craft area and my brain

With Christmas coming, I wanted to have a go at making little Christmas pudding beads. Instead of just forming the brandy butter (we traditionally use that on our Christmas puds here in Britain) out of some white clay, I wanted to use liquid clay so that it would effectively dribble down the pudding. So I used sculpey (TLS) as this is the whitest of the liquid clays when baked and wouldn't you know it only went and baked completely transparent

So I tried using some white acrylic paint and as you can see, it dried before I had time to paint it all over and looks pretty stripey.

I am not happy with the result, very much a "wah, wah, waaah" moment. So I have called these my Christmas Pud-Wahs...

Better luck next time Flo. 

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Baptism Card

I have a friend who is having her daughter baptised. So I get baby a little gift and I look for a card. I go to one of the best department stores around and would you believe it, I can't find a suitable card. They have "baby naming day" cards and cards for Communion but no Christening/Baptism cards. 

So I'm stuck. Then I chanced upon an online tutorial about making a thank you card using polymer clay and alcohol inks and I knew where I was going to get my card from. 

Here's the tutorial:

and here is the finished card. I won't be going into card making any time soon, but I did enjoy making a personal card for a good friend and her daughter. 

Ok so only the heart is clay but you get the point/picture!

Friday, 5 November 2010

New Beadies

Some new beadies I cooked up. I had put them out of the way whilst the varnish was drying and forgot about them. I found them today. Nice surprise :) Check out the before baking and after shots below.