Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas Pud-Wahs

So I said to myself I should finish some of my unfinished projects (oh there are many, many) - before starting any new ones. So what happened?? - I started a new one! 

I really should listen to myself because this one did not go well. That's probably down to too much clutter in my craft area and my brain

With Christmas coming, I wanted to have a go at making little Christmas pudding beads. Instead of just forming the brandy butter (we traditionally use that on our Christmas puds here in Britain) out of some white clay, I wanted to use liquid clay so that it would effectively dribble down the pudding. So I used sculpey (TLS) as this is the whitest of the liquid clays when baked and wouldn't you know it only went and baked completely transparent

So I tried using some white acrylic paint and as you can see, it dried before I had time to paint it all over and looks pretty stripey.

I am not happy with the result, very much a "wah, wah, waaah" moment. So I have called these my Christmas Pud-Wahs...

Better luck next time Flo. 


  1. Great idea though. Not your fault the TLS didn't work. Try tinting with a bit of white oil paint next time? Actually it looks like my attempts at icing a Christmas cake. Still edible, but home made. The best Christmas puddings are always the home made ones.

  2. Es deliciosamente perfecto. Besos

  3. Thanks both. I have since bought some oil paints ready to try that one. I'll no doubt make a complete mess though.


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