Sunday, 30 January 2011

Magic Mushrooms

Hmmm, what do I want to say about magic mushrooms? Well, I made some the other day. Actually, coconut mushrooms to be exact, only not the sweetie kind, the polymer clay kind.

Coconut mushrooms are an English sweet that I used to have a fair few of as a child. To check out the edible kind so that you know what I am talking about click here:

Coconut mushrooms are really quite cute to look at and stir up memories of many a 10p of weekly pocket money spent at the local post office buying pick and mix. So of course, I decided to make myself some but ones that will last longer than my little bag of bootie from the sweetie section. Here are my first few attempts. 

Now, I need to work on my dessicated coconut as I got it a bit thick and then a little small but I can say that I did at least manage to make these mushies using glow in the dark clay on the stalks.

Check out my (not so great) night vision!

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  1. Got to love that glow in the dark clay! Not sure I've ever eaten one of those sweets which is odd as I love coconut and I remember seeing them.

    I left you a message in reply to your comment on my blog, then realised you probably wouldn't see it so I shall repeat it here too - I'll waffle all over the internet, think I need to step away from the computer and go and talk to someone lol

    You going to Polymer, Pamper, Play in dorset? I hope so it'd be good to see you.

    must go and track down your magazine article - didn't have it in my local shop :(


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