Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pretty pink scrap beads

Pretty pink scrap beads all buffed up thanks to my new demin buffing wheel

They look much more shiny in my hand than in the picture! Rubbish photography as usual. Must get a light box sorted like Surfingcat has:


  1. Te han quedado perfectas. Besos

  2. They are lovely. It's hard to capture that shine in a photograph. I wouldn't say my light box is sorted but I'm getting there. another thing on that list of things to do/try. I might try a demin wheel too, mine is hand made muslin.

  3. you know I thought they were lovely the first time i saw them, like them even more now, such a pretty mix of colour and pattern

  4. Thanks. Got some scrap building up so may be making more soon :)


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