Friday, 25 February 2011

Sizzling sun cane tutorial

·        Create a skinner blend sheet of white and yellow. Take your sheet and fold it up like a concertina, working from one colour to the other.
·        Push your clay stack together to create a square block of clay. Concentrate on the long ends of your stack, which will need the most work but as you go, keep an eye on the other 4 sides, adjusting them as necessary to maintain a nice square shape. Tip: use hand cream regularly so that your hands are not as dry as mine!
·        Squeeze your wad of clay to a point to create a triangle that will have solid yellow on the bottom side and yellow merging into white on the other two sides. On the “face” of your triangle cane (the ends which show your cane’s design) you see a triangle of yellow clay which gradually fades out to white at one point. Reduce your triangle cane and cut to 6 equal parts. To reduce a triangle cane, start with your cane on your work surface. In this case put the triangle with the yellow side down so that the white comes to a point as you look down on it. Starting in the middle of your cane, use your thumbs and forefingers to make a triangle and “pinch” your cane. As the cane reduces a little, continue this pinching, moving each hand outwards to the end of your cane. If you want to reduce the cane more, return to the centre and start again.
·        Create a bull’s eye cane with a yellow centre and a dark edge. Place your triangles around the bull’s eye with the yellow side touching the bull’s eye and the white tips facing outwards. Leave a small gap between each triangle so that they are not touching. 
·        Use translucent or white translucent clay for your background. Roll a very thin snake of clay and place this on the bull’s eye cane between 2 triangles. Press the snake down flat against the centre. Repeat around the cane.
·        Using your translucent clay, pinch a log of clay into a triangle with one very wide side. This should fit between the sun’s rays but overlap slightly. Fit the translucent triangle around the cane between each of the sun’s rays.
·        Bend a flexi blade and use this to shave off any points that have been made where these translucent triangles meet to make the cane more rounded in shape. Roll a sheet of translucent clay on the thickest setting of your pasta machine. Cut 6 strips that are as long as your cane but slightly shorter than the width of the 6 sides. Place these strips along the 6 sides but in the centre.

·        Smooth the edges of each strip to create a round shape and repeat for all sides so that your cane is round.
·        Wrap a sheet or 2 of translucent clay around your whole cane, press the join together and smooth. Let your cane rest a little at this point before reducing. Your triangle will be very soft from all that work.
·        Reduce your cane as you wish. 



  1. Gracias por el tutorial y la sugerencia de usar crema de manos. Besos

  2. Could do with some sunshine! Nice tutorial. Photos look good, did you use your light box set up?

  3. Thanks. Yes I think I did use the makeshift light box for most of them yes. It's really hard taking photos of a tutorial because you get so much glare from the flash on the clay! I had to wait until there was some sunshine to actually take many of the photos - and that has been quite scarce lately!

  4. I shall post some pics of the canes cooked because they look better than uncured.

  5. I would like some sunshine as well! It is still winter down here, all grey and dirty! Your sun has cheered me up!

  6. Glad to hear it Maja. We get the odd day of sunshine here but a lot of rain at the moment.


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