Friday, 4 March 2011

Adventures in Upcycling

Upcycling is my new word for working with scrap clay. Whoop Whoop. Thanks to Ghost Shift for coming up with that one. Did I mention it was a competition? Well, your prize is a set of lino tools :) I.e. the ones I borrowed from you about 6 months ago! 

So I've been working on a special project recently that has left me with oodles of scrap clay and I've been trying out some techniques to upcycle the extra bits.

Here's my first attempt. I had some basic canes from a "how to" demonstration that I wasn't planning on using. So I upcycled them to make these funky vase beads.

Next I had a go with some mixed cane ends. 

I was less pleased with the results on this one, so I varied my technique a little to create the next set of beads.
I'm much happier with these babies. It is almost a tie dye meets swirl effect. 

I'll have another go at this one and post how my next beads turn out.

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