Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Anyone ever post rubbish results?

I don't usually post the projects that don't turn out so well. I hide them away in the bottom of my bead box until I get around to throwing them away or I put them in the latest charity shop collection bag. You see I want you all to think that my creations always turn out somewhat OK and that I never really make any duff projects.

Today however, I am feeling brave. I thought, why not? We all make mistakes so I might just have to show you one of mine. This one was a less successful attempt at some clay upcycling.

Off to the charity shop they go. You never know, someone might be prepared to pay 10p for them!


  1. I like the design, but the color combination not so much. Shame you gave me the lino cutters back, you could have tried this trick. http://polymerclaydaily.com/2011/03/11/.

  2. I bought some from Shaw's. Not as good as yours but still a set! I might give that a try.

  3. I saw someone wearing a top in just those colours. They look very shiny!

  4. Lets hope she finds the beads in the charity shop then to go with that top!


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