Sunday, 27 March 2011

Beautiful house for sale!

 It has happened - my beautiful house is on the market. A relocation for work is finally on the cards (we have been trying to put this off!) so we have had to put our beloved house up for sale. 

We bought the house 7 years ago and it was a real "project". We have spent a lot of time updating it and have put in a lot of TLC! I won't inundate you with all the information but here are some of the highlights. 
Breakfast room overlooking the rear garden.
Funky bathroom.
Beautifully maintained garden!

And remember what i told you about the kitchen...

Let me know if you want to buy it!


  1. I do!
    Have a great week.
    Maybe just maybe you will get a better one.

  2. it looks like a lovely house!

    Where you moving too? Anwhere exciting?

    Good luck with it all

  3. Thanks Cara, we will be moving from the East to the West Midlands - all being well.


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