Saturday, 5 March 2011

Doggy Delights

As you know I have a slight passion for Cherry Bakewell cakes. 

I make mini ones... 

and cherry bakewell canes...

and I even send them to my polymer clay mentors...

So you can imagine my delight when visiting a local art and crafts fair yesterday, I found Mrs Bishop's Doggy Deli had baked some especially for my canine friends. The stall was fantastic, filled with goodies all to suit the delicate doggie diet. There were birthday cakes, peamutt butter cups, chocolate dogestives and my favourite the Cherry Barkwell. So of course I had to buy some for my 3 favourite woofers.

Aren't they just divine?
And here are the lucky ladies, waiting patiently (although drooling profusely) to enjoy their treats. 



  1. Wow! I am so flattered. I make the Cherry Barkwells and loved your comments. Come and see us again.

  2. You are welcome! One day I hope to get a woofer of my own and I'll definitely be treating them to the Doggy Deli!


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