Thursday, 17 March 2011

Latest upcycling adventure

The latest beadies. Made out of the end of a cane. I like them, but I think a better choice of colours would work soooo much better. 

Covered in cat hair as usual!
I think I prefer these.


  1. Wow you must be having a clear out - all this upcycling!

  2. Yes I had a huge container of scrap which is now a little less full!

  3. I like the smoothness of the second photo but there is something enchanting about the beads in the third one.

    The colours are really interesting and tone together well :)

  4. I really like the colours. I do prefer them on the smooth beads, though.

  5. I'm wishing I hadn't thrown away all that scrap clay in Jan. These beads are inspiring me to never let go of the scraps, what was I thinking! Great work Jo!
    I won't be at PPD this fall :0( I'll be back in Iowa. I'm going to the London meeting on the 27th, have you ever gone?

  6. Hi Amy, well we will miss you this side of the pond. No I don't know the London meeting, is it the polymer clay guild?


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