Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trying the dichroic look

I found an old Polymer Cafe magazine the other day and thought I would try one of the projects. This tute showed how to create a dichroic look using metal leaf and inks. 

Below is my effort! These would have been made into a pendant and earrings but I'm not overly keen on the result as I made the parts far to chunky.

Clearly I need to use more ink as the colours came out rather washed out. I tried to create a glassy look on the flower using kato liquid clay but for whatever reason, this cracked when it cooked - you can see if you look closely! Maybe I didn't bake the clay on a high enough temperature. I'll have to figure out how I did it as this would be a great way to create a crackle/stained glass look!

Quick tip: don't cook a glossed piece of clay on a tile as it will melt where the two make contact! I tried this for the first time as Studio Sculpey Gloss states that you can bake it. Clearly the tile gets too hot to do it this way. I have yet to discover how to do it right!

I tried the dichroic effect on some beads. Again, I need to use more colour as they look washed out. Also I imagine some of the colour wore off on my hand whilst I worked the leaf into the bead base. 


  1. I wonder if you can 'crackle-glaze' them in the same way as you can with decoupage? My mum use to do this with varnish and a hair dryer!

  2. Te ha quedado muy bonito. Besos

  3. I always loved crackled look! These pendants are wonderful!


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