Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Back to basics with Pavelka Canes

I like to go back to basics occasionally when working with clay. I always pick up some new tips plus I remind myself how to do something I had forgotten.

Recently I went back to basics with Lisa Pavelka's latest clay book and worked through her millefiori caning section.  

A better view of those flower canes. As you can see I felt like using Christmas colours that day.

This is my first basket weave cane, so I really did learn something new. 

The top right cane is made from scraps of clay. I am thinking it will make some really nice beads. I'm not overly keen on my colour combination for the other two so I might make those into some scrap canes too. 


  1. Wow, your canework is extraordinary!!! Can´t wait to see the beads!!!


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