Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Golden Oldies

Aaah, look what I found in the cupboard today - preparing to move house certainly means rediscovering old treasures...

These were some of my first  adventures in polymer clay (I'd been using it about 4 weeks!). I get really frustrated with how much weddings and anything related to weddings cost so decided that I would try and make some things to save a bit of money. Armed with a 50% off voucher, I headed off to Michaels to see what I could find.    

Well I found Sculpey III, a brand of clay I could easily condition and use and a book on how to make polymer clay flowers!

Don't you just love how polymer clay can save you money??


  1. Son unas rosas preciosas. Besos

  2. Those are great flowers! I'm impressed. :D

  3. Thanks Moe - they were sculpey III so not the best but I found Premo soon afterwards!


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