Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Place for Polymer Pebbles

If you remember, some time ago I made some polymer pebbles

Whilst I was pleased with the general look and shape of the pebbles, if you look closely you will see that the pebbles are somewhat cracked and browned (I am guessing I used FIMO in the mix and forgot, baking it at a higher temperature).

So I couldn't use the pebbles for jewellery as they were damaged, but after all that work I didn't want to just throw the pebbles away. Then I had the idea of using them to display some of the jewellery I have made. 

Taadaa, finally a use for those little pebblies. Of course I have to arrange them properly and they  do slip a little when I am putting the jewellery on them, but I'm pleased that they are not just going to a landfill site. 


  1. Hello there! Excellent work, I love it! May I ask what clay you recommend for these, please? Thank you!


    1. I don't remember what I used, sorry! It was too long ago. I would say try Kato though, it's a good one.


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