Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Demo at Telford Big Bead Show

Whilst I have been very busy lately selling and moving out of my house (sob, I loved that house!), I did manage to fit in a bead demonstration at Bead magazine's Big Bead Show Telford on 25th June.

If you check out this previous post, you can see what I was showing people how to make. 

So here are some snaps from my first ever demo!

That's me showing people how to condition clay.

Clearly I was getting some inspiration from my clay caddy here.

Layering up cane slices to make those pillow beads. 

I was pleased to see I got a mixed turned out!

I thought the demo went pretty well. The audience were really nice and asked lots of questions. I filled out my time slot nicely and after all the questions I had 1 minute to spare. I'm getting a taste for this now...

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  1. Looks like you did a great presentation :) I'd be way too nervous to do a demo - I'd probably forget everything I know about clay!


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