Monday, 31 October 2011

Polymer Play Days 2011 workshops

Alison Gallant taught us how to use silk screens on polymer clay. I  thought I might not enjoy this workshop as I have a tendency to make a mess! I didn't. Make a mess I mean, I certainly enjoyed the class. I believe this workshop will soon be available on CraftEdu and I do recommend doing it.

Pendant and earrings in the making.

I think the pendant will look great on a lovely beaded necklace - photos to follow when I make that (give me about 3 months!!)

I added a layer of liquid Kato (to seal in the pattern) and blasted it with my heat gun after baking to give the pendant that glossy/glassy look. Thanks to Jema for that tip :)

Shown in artificial light - it shows the glossy look off better!


  1. Beautiful - it looks like the event was very inspiring :D

  2. Wow! What a lovely finish. I gave up on using a heat gun with liquid polymer because I used to overdo it and get bubbles. You are tempting me to have another go.

  3. Thanks both.

    Sue when I first tried this technique I had a little hairdryer style heat gun which was low heat. What a joke, I spent hours trying to get the Kato clear and ended up burning a spot on the carpet (of course working on the floor!)! I think I must have inadvertently practiced the technique very well! Now I use a proper heat gun.

  4. Thank you, Jo! Yes, it can be very messy, but I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I have a large pack of Basic Baby Wipes on hand so I don't put paint where I don't want to to be! I like a matt finish but the heat gun works really well for a glossy look.


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