Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Colour schemes and Waffles

Last week I did something rare with polymer clay. I made a colour scheme. Well, rare for me that is. I know many polyclay artists create the most wonderful colour schemes. Me, I don't usually have the time for this and I use clay colours straight out of the packet. Last week I decided to break the habit and I mixed a colour scheme. I was a tad would it turn out?...would I waste precious time if it all went wrong?...would I end up with lumps of awful coloured clay?...

Well I should have trusted myself earlier! I based this colour scheme on my autumn garden, with its burnished colours, hints of gold and underlying browns. I love the colours and through using a little brown in all my colours I have gave each a slightly neutral look. 

I also played around with some tools last week and came up with this waffle look - it is making  me a bit hungry as I am now picturing dairy free margarine melting on warm gluten free waffles! 

I made this last pendant using the waffle method, scrapume gane and scrap slices. 

Autumn waffle beadies to follow...


  1. Those colours are great together. I like the 'waffles', too.

  2. Thanks. I really like the colour scheme.

  3. I love that color scheme, that touch of red and green just pops. Very evocative of fall.

  4. Thank you for sharing. The colors pop that touch of green and red and the copper really caught the mood.

  5. Thanks Idy. I love how the colours look in the necklace - my next post.


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