Friday, 23 December 2011

Finally finished that necklace!

Back in May I made a lovely polymer clay focal bead for a necklace I was going to make. You can read about that if you like here:

Well, what with the house move this year and all the resulting work, it was a project I started and then put down quite some time ago. After making a bunch of Christmas pressies this last week, I decided to make one for myself and got on with finishing the necklace (finally!). So here it is...

It has taken over 6 months, from start to finish and you know what? After all that work, I don't think  I like it that much! The seed beads are a bit too big for the focal, when wrapped around it creating a very heavy drop, well I think "thunk" would be more accurate!

I really should learn that when a beading pattern says use Delicas, it means use Delicas and not bigger seed beads. Doh. I am much happier with this bountiful polymer bracelet that I made (in about 20 minutes I must add). I simply strung a lot of Elise Canning's beautiful beads onto some thread and voila. 

The beads are so beautiful that I didn't need to do much except arrange them well. I love this little thistle dangle.

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