Thursday, 8 December 2011

First Picarello

I know I am way behind here but I have finally had a bit of time to have a go at the wonderful Picarello imprint technique from Julie Picarello's book Pattern's in Polymer. Now I'll never be good at slicing clay - my cheese slices look like doorstops - but I am pleased with the resulting pendants and I'm more than happy to practice my slicing using this technique!

The colour scheme was inspired by a scene from a magazine. If I did it again, I would use a darker blue-black and some mica but the technique has such dynamic results that I think these colours work here. 

I also made these beads using Julie's technique. 


  1. I like your colour combo and the pendants are beautiful. Such a wonderful technique, isn't it? I must restart practising it again.

  2. Thanks. Yes it's a great technique.

  3. You did WAY better than my first JP. It looks super! :)

  4. Thanks Moe. I'm going to try again with Kato to see if my slicing improves!


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