Monday, 12 December 2011

Polymer Beads and Spacers

I made these pink beadies the other day (I do like backgroundless canes but they are much harder than round canes to reduce!). 

I always space beads like this out in a necklace, because I feel that a necklace full of these vibrant beads would be too much. When it comes to making up the necklace though, I always struggle to find spacer beads that will look "just right". So I decided I would make my own spacers this time out of the background colour used in the millefiori beads. I made up a batch of polymer spacer nuggets.

Then I put them together in a necklace. 

Of course, I needed a little bead to space out the spacers and I spent a while deciding on those. Ho hum!! I think it works though.


  1. Te ha quedado un collar precioso, muy elegante. Besos

  2. Very nice! I love the slightly nuggety shapes of the spacers. You can also try tube beads or disc beads for a little variety.

  3. Thanks both. I definitely need to plan ahead more in preparing spacers!


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