Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Latest beadies

I've been trying to use up my fimo stocks lately. I like to work with Kato and Premo but I don't seem to get on as well with Fimo. I have seen some artists do amazing work with Fimo, but for me the results aren't as good. Fimo tends to be readily available to buy in the UK though, so I find myself buying it when I notice that it is on sale. 

I have a fair amount of Fimo and now many Fimo canes! I also bought some Fimo Soft to practice the play dough technique. You can check out some of those results here:

So recently I have been working on some beadies using those fimo canes. 

These beadies are nice and chunky, but you can't tell in the pic.

I think the beads, particularly the last set, will look better when made up into some jewellery. 


  1. Son unas bolas preciosas. Besos

  2. Love the way youhave combined the patterns. Middle set my favourite I think with their bold zipper cane stripe

  3. Thanks Ma. Thanks Cara - I'd like to do really big beads with a thick zipper cane next!

  4. Wow - so wonderful beads. I just love the ones in the middle photo - perfect!!! I´m excited to see those big ones when they are finished!!!


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