Monday, 9 April 2012

Never never...

...forget all about your baking clay and leave it in the oven too long.

The timer on my clay oven no longer works so I have to set myself a timer elsewhere but on this occasion I forgot. 

Yes, this pair of fruit tartlets really have turned BLUE in places. If only I had made a blueberry pie it might have worked! 

By FloRaeMe


  1. That's really weird - I would have expected them to go brownish if anything,not blue. I bet you can't do it again, and get the same colour!

  2. Really strange - and so frustrating. Are you sure the temperature is right? I learned in classes in England that too long baking should not be a problem if the temperature don´t spike or get to high. But really, I am no expert, but Donna Kato said so......

    1. Hi Flowermouse. I know Donna says that Kato doesn't brown if left in the oven longer, but that the other brands will. I used mostly Premo with a little Fimo liquid so I guess I have just proved Donna right! I use a little table top oven which is tiny so means the clay is close to the elements. I wouldn't mind a larger oven at some point, but at the moment I don't have room for one.

  3. I'm as mystified as everyone else about why it did that, but it's actually a cool effect :D Your little pies are amazing by the way - love the strawberries!

  4. argh! You won't do it again!


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