Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photography Studio

As you know, I am pretty bad at taking photographs. I am the ultimate "point and click" girl and end up cursing my camera if things don't turn out as I hope, which is most of the time.

So recently I have been working on taking better photographs. I bought a light tent for help here. This works well with a flash, but it's not so good with anything shiny as the flash reflects in the shiniest bits.

I bought some lamps and daylight bulbs and tried popping them either side of the light cube but I can't get enough light into the cube. Next I tried "coning" the lights and putting some tin foil inside to reflect all light into the cube, but that seemed to make it darker.

So I tried removing the light cube and look how that turned out...


  1. Ha ha! I bet he/she is looking at his/her reflection.

  2. Kitty made me laugh out loud! Thank you for that. You are certainly on the right track because the newer photography lights have cones on them! Great post.


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