Monday, 14 May 2012

Beadweaved Necklace Take 2

Do you remember a while ago I finished a necklace that I had specially made a polymer clay focal bead for? Well, here's a reminder of the finished necklace if not.

I love, love love the focal bead, but I made the necklace with seed beads and they were too big to work in the pattern I was using. The drop just looked like a big blob! If you want to see my comments on that one have a look at the blog post 

Not wanting to be outdone, I took the necklace to bits in the hope of remaking it with smaller cylinder beads. I found a colour of cylinder that worked really well and made up the necklace again. 

Hmmphf to say the least. 

The necklace looks a lot better and the drop is so much more delicate now ... but it hangs to the side when I wear it and just doesn't look right. 

Such a shame. 

I put plenty of time into this, so I'm planning on it being a decorative piece for the moment. Maybe I will even frame it - ah probably not I'd like to use the focal bead and delicas again. 

At least I can say I am an expert at twisted tubular herringbone stitch now :)

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