Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Christi Friesen Creature Feature Workshop

I was able to attend Christi Friesen's Creature Feature workshop in London earlier this week. Whoop! The day was packed full of Christi's demos showing us how to make all kinds of creatures from peacocks to sea turtles to celtic dragons. There was even an opportunity to buy  items from Christi's store and some of her work, although the shop was looking a little bare having been very popular the day before for Christi's In the Garden workshop.

I was able to snag this little fellow though from Christi's Ghoulie collection. I love his purple-blue hair.

Here is Christi modelling him.

We were taught so much that day I didn't seem to get much finished. I don't know what happened, some people made about 6 items but I only finished 2! One is a sea turtle which is now in the bin (!) and the other is this Octopus who is exploring the treasure chest he found.

Here is a shot of Christi teaching - Christi is so funny I don't know how she packs all the work and jokes in :)

And one of the group. The event was organised by the London Polymer Clay Group - a big thank you to them for such a great day.

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  1. I went to the workshop with Christi the day before and it was fabulous too! I was wondering how on earth she managed to cover so much in one day - and be so funny. I wished I had been able to go on the creature feature day too, next time....


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