Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Creatures from Christi Friesen Workshop

Well I didn't get much finished at Christi's workshop - read all about that here: - so I dedicated  the following day to making all I had learnt from the workshop. I even made a second sea turtle which I am much happier with.

Here are my follow up Christi makes :) 

My polymer clay dragon - he is protecting his hoard of treasure.

My big fish - love his scales :)

My Celtic Dragon

Fawkes the Phoenix's sister

My seahorse aquarium - I spilt the glitter chunks on the sea here - I didn't intend there to be so many!

And finally my improved sea turtle!!


  1. Wow! you were obviously concentrating and taking everything in, rather than churning stuff out on the day. These are great! I've a soft spot for the top dragon, ...and the fish, ...and the celtic dragon, and ... I can't actually pick a favourite.

    1. Thanks. I think my fav is the dragon with his pearls.

  2. wow looks like you had a great time! Must try harder to co-ordinate and go at the same time. We will catch up one day I hope!

  3. Absolutely stunning - I love all of them and am so envious that you went to the workshop

    1. Thank you. I was so pleased I could make it to the Creature Feature workshop. I couldn't manage Christi's "in the garden" workshop the day before but the creature one was great.


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