Monday, 28 May 2012

Lichfield Clay Day

We had the first West Midlands polymer play session yesterday. We met at the Flamingo Tea Rooms in Lichfield where there is a small room within the cafe, available for hire. 

The room was nice and cool, a break from the mini heatwave we have been having in Britain. Food and drinks were available from the cafe and I was rather pleased to see that they had some cupcakes available :)

There was a comfortable number of us for the first session and we were able to assess the venue for suitability. Well, it's definitely a goer! There was jazz being played in the background and the room is painted in calming colours which gave a very relaxing feel. A highlight of the day for me was the pink chair that I had to sit on. 

What a great way to clay!


  1. Is that an empty cake plate I see in the foreground! Will try and join you sometime soon!

    Cara x

    1. Yes I think it is! The cakes they serve are really big :) It would be great to see you.


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