Monday, 11 June 2012

Bundles of Border Canes

Having run out of border canes recently, this weekend I made up a good batch of them. I was also itching to have a go at BJ's border cane tutorial. You might have seen that already, but if you haven't check it out here:

I made these canes based on elements from BJ's tutorial. 

I did find though that I was losing a lot of clay as the pattern hadn't extruded that well at the ends - I was using a different extruder and a different brand of clay to those that BJ recommended so that may have made all the difference. I reduced the rest of the canes by hand. These were my next batch.

My favourite, the zipper cane.

In the last bunch, the clay was getting quite soft, particularly on that top cane

Expect mucho beadies to follow!


  1. wow you've been busy with borders! Look forward to seeing some new beadies

  2. They look like a lot of fun :)
    The spirals are great!

    1. Thanks Iris. I do like the middle one in the second photo - spirals then stripes!


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