Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Beacon Lighting in the Shire

I felt like a tiny hobbit this weekend when I witnessed one of thousands of beacon's being lit to celebrate HM the Queen's diamond jubilee. 4000+ beacons were lit in sequence across the UK, Dependencies, Overseas UK Territories and Commonwealth countries on Monday 4th June as part of the 4 day jubilee celebrations. 

I was lucky to be celebrating the jubilee with family who live in Nottinghamshire, near to one of the beacons.Here's the beacon at dusk, before lighting. 

Here's the beacon a little later. I have copied the photo and lightened it (below) to give you a better idea of how the beacon looked. 

You can read more about the beacons here:  
Traditionally beacons were used as a means of communication (you probably remember them in the Lord of the Rings film: Return of the King) but have more recently become a way to celebrate events. It is a great way to feel like you are really part of something. 

The beacon was lit around 10.26pm with shouts of "to the Shire"  - well not quite! More like people singing God Save the Queen and Land of Hope and Glory.

After the lighting, there were fireworks and the moon made another appearance as the beacon was still burning. 

It was a great evening :)

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