Monday, 30 July 2012

Pastel Canes

I haven't been able to get to any clay recently and I mean I really can't get to it.  My craft room is being used as a storage room at the moment, containing much displaced furniture and boxes of various items which have been moved to accommodate the new extension we are having done. 

I did find this picture to show you though of the some canes that I made a while back. I was playing around with pastel colours and some new designs.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Polymer Clay Frog Cane

I had high hopes for this little guy when I made him. I used Premo! clay in the cane and normally I wouldn't do this unless I mixed the Premo! with a firmer brand of clay such as Kato. However having seen Too Acquarius's amazing canes, a lot of which are made out Premo! I decided to give it a go. It's also more sociable when attending a clay play session not to be conditioning firmer clay which makes the table shake a lot - not good for others trying to work.  

So I started this froggy at the play session and finished him at home that evening. I did notice my frost clay (which must be a couple of years old now) had become quite firm, so I gave it a good old condition. I dutifully left the prepared cane a couple of days (oh my that is hard when I just want to reduce him and see how it turned out!) so that all the clay was the same temperature and in theory the same firmness.

When I came back to reduce Frogsy he was really quite firm and I struggled to reduce him, especially considering that I had made him a little too large to begin with.  I continued to reduce the cane and as I did so the frost started to crack whilst the other colours reduced. This wasn't a good sign. 

I reduced what I could of Frogsy (several bits just broke in 2 as the frost cracked and pulled the rest of the cane with it) but I had mostly scrap cane and only a little bit of a "somewhat" successful reduced cane. This is what I could salvage.                 

I might have been more upset by the loss of much of Frogsy, if I hadn't had such a good time at the clay session. The scraps have also made a nice leafy green which I can use elsewhere.            

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay Lichfield

Have you heard - the Olympics are coming to London, UK in 2012? Well, if you hadn't heard and you live over here you must be living under a rock because it is everywhere! 

The Olympic flame arrived in the UK back in May and began a 70 day route around the country. 8000 torchbearers will carry the flame 8000 miles and visit around 1000 towns & cities.

This weekend the flame came to Lichfield. It entered the City around 9.20am before proceeding through the City and coming to the road where I was waiting at around 9.50. I was so excited when I first spotted the torch I started shouting and got everyone else jumping up and down too. If you look closely, you can see the torch in between the buses!

Getting a bit closer now (I cropped the photos so you can't really tell the distance but they do get clearer as the runner gets closer!)...

Whoop, there it is...

The torch bearer is James Whitford from nearby Rugeley, you can read his story here:  
Now, what you don't know about him is that he also doubles as Superhero Cardboard Cutout Man!! I don't know how this happened, but he really does look like he has been cropped and  pasted into this photo!

This bus followed the procession and had a nice surprise inside -  more torches and runners. 

After the torch had passed there was plenty more to do in Lichfield, so we pootled off to enjoy some of the other activities. One of these was a classic & modern car rally - my goodness I know how my husband must feel when I drag him into a bead shop!