Sunday, 18 November 2012

Polymer in Earrings

A few pieces of polymer clay used in earrings can make a really unique, special pair. 

I created the following earrings using a couple of beads made using upcycled techniques (see the following link:

The beads are around 16mm and quite large for earrings, so I made the little fan piece underneath to balance them out. 

The following earrings are simple slices of background-less cane dangled on a piece of wire with a little AB Swarovski bi-cone. Magic!

My final pair of earrings use slices of background-less cane but one slice is baked flat and turned into a connector whilst the other 2 slices are baked curved and used as dangles. I really like these. Right, I'm off to make some more background-less canes...

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