Monday, 7 January 2013

Beaded Wishing Well

"Well" I can finally, now Christmas has come and gone, post a little on what I have been making of late.  

I bought a beaded wishing well kit from the very talented Alison Nash earlier in the year and when the building works took over the house last summer, I escaped to my parents' dust free home and started on my wishing well kit.

It is made using different bead embroidery techniques and in my naivety, I thought that as I know how to beadweave, this would be a doddle. 

Well the techniques used weren't difficult, but my goodness were they time consuming. If I had to charge for my time in making the wishing well, I would have to charge at least £500 - it took so long to make!

I'm glad I started this in summer so that it was ready in time for Christmas! The recipients LOVED it so all in all, time well spent I think :)


  1. What an amazing creation, Joanna... the recipients must have been thrilled indeed to discover this treasure!

  2. Thanks. If you have a spare few weeks...!


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