Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Listings on Folksy

I'm doing what I can for breaking that New Years resolution of "listing 2 new FloRaeMe items per week online".  

I've put a couple of sets of pillow beads in my new Folksy shop. Firstly, I finally listed these lovely pink symmetrical pillow beads, which I made a couple of years ago! I was so impressed by the finish and shine on these beads that I put them into a box with items to be sold online, when I finally got around to setting up an online shop. 

You can find these bad boys for sale here: 

I've also put these rainbow pillow beads up for sale too: 

And of course I had to list some of my favourite mottled beads. 

You can get a set of 14mm green-yellow beauties:

Or a set of 6 rich aqua beads:

Let me know which your favourite is.

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  1. all very pretty - aqua mottled are my favourite I think! Well done for getting them listed.


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