Saturday, 16 February 2013

Waterlily wah wahs

I got careless when making these "waterlily" beads. 

I love, love, love the mix of colours I used and wanted to finish the beads quickly. After the beads were baked and cooled, I coated them in liquid clay and popped them back in the oven. I intended to blast them with a heat gun after the liquid clay was baked, to make them lovely and glossy. 

However, I'd popped them on piercing pins which quickly became hot and expanded in the oven. The result? The beads cracked....wah wah wah.

Despite me dumping them in ice water, the beads split when I tried to drill them. I couldn't save any of them - the cracks were just too wide. 

Oh sob. Now I just need a little time to make some more. 

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