Thursday, 2 June 2016

Hunter Gatherer Pendant and Beads

This set is another I made a couple of years ago and am just having some time to blog and list it now. I love the connection of old and new (ancestral meets polymer clay!) in this hunter gatherer pendant set I made. 

Finally a little time to list some beads

I have finally had some time to list some beadies on my Folksy site. The first listing is those chili beads I made a couple of years ago. Yep with all the moving around and resetting up craft spaces there hasn't been an awful lot going on in the creation department and it has taken me this long to get going (and I might just stop again soon - eek)!

The second listing is a bumper set of rustic and russet themed beads, perfect to warm your heart on these suddently cold evenings we are having in the UK!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Instant Nerd

I don't think it is any great secret that FloRae has been seriously without her Flo lately. There's a mixture of things causing this, probably the biggest culprit being a real lack of time. The latest I have got lately to doing anything with clay is sorting out my box of Premo! Well, sorting out the little blocks into piles of similar colours - they are still all over my floor!

Well tonight I chanced upon a spot of inspiration and a bit of time. I bought some Animal Muppet headphones a few years ago and although well loved and cared for, they eventually gave up the ghost. The little heads were just too cute to throw away though :).

So I seem to have also lost all my sunglasses in the recent house move, so I purchased a few budget pairs. 

And I think you have probably guessed the rest :) Yep I put the 2 together to create these fun, unique specs! Get me - instant nerd!

I love them!