Thursday, 19 May 2016

Instant Nerd

I don't think it is any great secret that FloRae has been seriously without her Flo lately. There's a mixture of things causing this, probably the biggest culprit being a real lack of time. The latest I have got lately to doing anything with clay is sorting out my box of Premo! Well, sorting out the little blocks into piles of similar colours - they are still all over my floor!

Well tonight I chanced upon a spot of inspiration and a bit of time. I bought some Animal Muppet headphones a few years ago and although well loved and cared for, they eventually gave up the ghost. The little heads were just too cute to throw away though :).

So I seem to have also lost all my sunglasses in the recent house move, so I purchased a few budget pairs. 

And I think you have probably guessed the rest :) Yep I put the 2 together to create these fun, unique specs! Get me - instant nerd!

I love them!